March 4 Freedom – Solidarity Message 16.06.2014 – To Amsterdam

Solidarity with the people in the school in Ohlauer Str. Berlin Kreuzberg


Merci à tou-te-s les réfugié-e-s qui se trouvent à Berlin. On reste solidaire avec vous! Nous remercions tout le groupe de l’école occupée. Restez fort-e-s! On est uni-e-s.

La Marche pour la Liberté.


Thank you to all the refugees in Berlin. We are in solidarity with you! We say thank you to all the group of the occupied School. Stay strong! We are one!

The March for Freedom

Gracias a tod@s l@s refugiad@s de Berlin! Somos solidari@s con vosotr@s! Agradecem@s todo el grupo de la Escuela ocupada. Continuad con fuerza! Somos unid@s!

La Marcha Para la Libertad

Grazie a tutti i rifugiati di Berlino. Siamo solidali con voi! Diciamo grazie a tutto il gruppo della scuola occupata. Rimanere forte! Siamo uno!
La Marcia per la Libertà

شكرا لجميع اللاجئين في برلين. نحن متضامنون معك! نقول شكرا لجميع المجموعات في مدرسة تبقى قوية! ونحن واحدة!

مسيرة من أجل الحرية

Danke an alle Geflüchteten aus Berlin! Wir sind solidarisch mit Euch! Wir danken der ganzen Gruppe aus der besetzten Schule. Bleibt stark! Wir sind eins!

Der Marsch für die Freiheit

Solidarity with Sans-papiers in Calais

soli_calaisThe March for Freedom share the anger of our friends in Calais who were violently evicted by the police today from their self-organised camps and hundreds of people were forced to leave their places of resistance.

We also express our rage to the already announced eviction of the squats in the coming days in Calais. We wont stay silent to this brutal way of treating human beings. We show our full solidarity with the sans-papiers. You are not alone!

The french police and government must respect the human rights, freedom of residency and freedom of movement.


28th of May, 2014


for more information check the page :

Solidarity Message from Protest March for Freedom for striking refugees who were arrested today in Berlin

Solidarity Statement from the Protest March to Brussels for Refugee friends from Asylum Rights Evolution

Today is the 20th of May and we make our first steps of the March for Freedom. We got very bad news from Berlin. The Berlin Police attacked our Refugee Friends in Gedaechtnisḱirche and arrested some of  the refugee strikers. Some of them are now in jail. Others were sent back unwillingly to their Lagers . All of our friends are in high risk of deportation. This is a solidarity message from the March for our Fighter Refugee Friends .

Our hearts are with you in Berlin, where ever we are. We are following your process; so dont think that you are alone! We are One!

This is also an official message from the March for Freedom to the german government. You have violated the rights of our fellow refugees with this repressive, shameful and injust treatment. And this shows us again that we only have one alternative to overcome the unequal situation in our life: Resistance against discrimination and racist refugee laws and policy. This movement showed in the last two years that we are serious about changing our situation and also about being united inside of the Refugee Movement. We refugees never leave our fellow refugee freedom fighters alone, and we are all ready to be always  in solidarity with our friends. Big and warm greetings in solidarity from the marching people to our friends (Asylum Rights Evolution)

united in resistance

Refugee Protest March to Brussels